Digestive Enzymes - When taking a multivitamin, a lot of women experience stomach discomfort and stop taking them — so they miss out on all the good stuff a multi can provide. We made sure our multivitamin would be gentle on the stomach and to top it off, we added a Digestive Enzyme Blend to help your body properly break down food so you can better absorb nutrients that nourish your body.

Organic Beets –  Beets provide not only essential nutrients and vitamins but also something called nitrates, which help your body produce Nitric Oxide.  Increased levels of nitric oxide support healthy circulation, healthy blood pressure levels, and increased energy and stamina. 

Holy Basil - A natural herbal adaptogen that works overtime to help maintain normal levels of Cortisol in the adrenal glands. It also plays a role in helping to manage stress, mood, and maintain a healthy thyroid.