Tia Mowry on expanding Anser brand: ‘I’m living in my purpose’

Fans may have been introduced to Tia Mowry as a young child star, but today the actress is redefining what it means to be a Hollywood success.

The Sister, Sister alum, 42, has added author, business owner, YouTuber, designer and so much more to her resume, most recently launching a highly-sought out supplement line, Anser, that is expanding into a health and wellness blog by month’s end.

theGrio sat down to chat with Mowry exclusively about her plans for Anser, her passion for entrepreneurship, how her husband and children fuel her fire and what it was like to return to the set of Family Reunion.

G: What’s next for the Anser brand?

M: Anser has grown beyond my imagination. I’m very optimistic. I think that’s very important and vital whenever you have dreams and goals and aspirations, because you have to be your encourager. But with that said, I want to continue to grow and continue to just inspire people and to move within the self-care arena. I am a huge advocate of taking care of yourself and putting yourself as a priority and that’s why, over at Anser, the hashtag is #selfcareisnotselfish. I feel like we live in a society that, especially for women, where we kind of have to put everyone first before ourselves, and we suffer from that as women. I wanted to change that narrative.

M: And again, it happened from personal experience. I saw my mom kind of just give up everything for kids, but now that she’s older, you know, it’s like, she’s kind of fiddling her fingers. I even saw that with myself when I had my son. [We want to] continue to come up with more products that help within that area, or that arena of self care. To continue to educate people about the importance of supplements and certain things to help you live healthy and be healthy, and reach your potential when it comes to wellness. What we will be launching soon is basically to create some sort of hub, where it’s just to educate and be a place where people can go to learn more about ways on how they can take care of themselves—as well as putting a spotlight on diversity.

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"We believe the answer begins with you. Self-care isn't selfish."