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Women Making Wellness More Accessible

Wellness is defined as the state of being healthy in body and mind—it’s something we all deserve, but it’s not always accessible to everyone.

As the wellness industry continued to grow, one thing became clear, wellness is not one-size-fits-all and the lack of diversity in products and resources was a gap that needed to be filled.

Fortunately, these women didn’t wait for something to be created for them to solve their problem. Instead, they flipped the script and created their own solutions, giving us inclusive and accessible options to help us fully embrace health, wellness, and self-care.

Beatrice Dixon, The Honey Pot Company

Birthed from a need and a dream from her late grandmother, The Honey Pot Company, founded by Beatrice Dixon is the world’s first plant-based feminine care line. Finding no options on the market to help treat her bacterial vaginosis, Dixon decided to create her own natural solution to tackle the problem and give women everywhere more options for feminine care.

The Honey Pot Company features a wide range of affordable products including menstrual cups, natural washes, wipes, tampons, and pads.

In an interview with The Verticale, Dixon explains her drive behind creating a complete feminine care system “We are focused on giving girls and women healthy options that can alleviate some of the issues or make things more tolerable so they aren’t suffering month over month” Dixon Says. “Just like skincare comes in a range of functions and types, our feminine care should too.”

Francheska Medina, Hey Fran Hey

From the moment you hear the warmth of her voice, you know you’re talking to a friend, that’s the best way to describe Francheska Medina, also known as Hey Fran Hey.

1/3 of the super successful podcast “The Friend Zone” and the mother of all things holistic health, Medina says her inspiration to bring wellness for people of color to the forefront started with overcoming her own health struggles through alternative medicine and nutrition.

Now with 450,000 followers across social media and dedicated listeners, every week Fran uses her platform to advocate for healthy living—not just in the food, fitness, DIY, and natural products, but wellness on a deeper level, starting with the importance of mental and emotional health. 

“I think people look at mental health as something that you do when you're crashing, right? Mental hygiene means just like you're brushing your teeth, it's a daily thing.” Medina says on the Latina to Latina Podcast, “You don't have to wait till things are bad. I meditate when things are great. I meditate when things are calm. I make it a daily practice that fits in and is integrated to the rest of my daily hygiene.”

Naj Austin, CEO of Ethel's Club

With a mission to create community, inspire healing, encourage self-care, and provide a safe space to just be you, Ethel’s Club has become a haven for people of color to gain access different means of wellness for the body and mind. As the first social wellness platform for people of color, founder Naj Austin says if she needed a space like this, she knew countless others needed one too.

“People are desperately looking for a space that centers who they are and sees them for who they are.” Austin told Zora, “I’m building it for people who want it.”

Outside of offering group meditations, yoga sessions, and access to therapists of color Ethel’s Club aims to continue to make space to inspire creativity, celebrate culture, and most importantly bring wellness for people of color to the spotlight.

Tia Mowry, Anser Co-Founder

Tia Mowry, actress, chef, tv producer and author has always been candid about her health journey. After a challenging experience with endometriosis, Mowry made it priority to take control of her health, but in her search for extra support she realized there weren’t many options that catered to the specific needs of women of color.

While I was on my journey, I didn't see women that looked like me.” Mowry says. “I didn't see women of color or women of diversity being represented in the wellness and health industry, and I wanted to change that”

“I didn't see women of color or women of diversity being represented in the wellness and health industry and I wanted to change that.”

To answer that challenge, Mowry created Anser, a wide range of affordable vitamins and supplements to make it easy for women to prioritize their own wellness and self-care. From multivitamins to more tailored solutions for digestive, stress, beauty, and immune health, Anser is here to tell you self-care isn’t selfish.