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Tia's Trick To Getting The Most Out Of Your Power-Nap

Tia spoke with Stylecaster about her experience that led her to start Anser, why inclusivity and representation is so important in the wellness industry, her trick for making a power nap feel like a full night's sleep, and a two minute wellness hack. Read an excerpt below or read the full article here

On Inclusive Wellness

When you look at wellness as a whole, it looks like it’s only catered to the wealthy and is exclusive when it comes to supplements, beauty, and wellness in general. It was important that my supplement line, Anser, was tangible and reachable. I think everyone deserves to have the opportunity to [thrive] when it comes to wellness.  My whole wellness journey began when I was diagnosed with endometriosis. It’s a condition that affects lots of African-American women and I was shocked I didn’t know anything about it.  I was suffering in silence for years.

My point is while being on this journey of taking charge of my health and wellness, there was no representation whatsoever. That’s what encouraged me to write my cookbook, 
Whole New You — my goal is to communicate, encourage and talk to people who aren’t always included. We have to start putting values and importance on diversity and women who aren’t given the opportunity to have a spotlight on their culture. Women empowerment in general is something I’m really passionate about—giving every woman a platform to build a community. Life is hard. So it’s important we all encourage each other and uplift each other. There are other people in this world [who are not represented in the wellness community] and who need support, guidance and help.


A friend of mine recently had a female-focused wellness event at her house where author and healer Lalah Delia spoke and I was spellbound! She introduced me to bio neural beats and the idea of equanimity, which is basically not letting other people’s energy affect your own. 

Bio neural beats is a type of music that hits the delta wave in your brain and can put you in a really nice deep sleep. I look up bio neural beats on YouTube and listen there. Even if it’s just for a 20 minute nap when I’m in my trailer—it feels like I’ve had two hours of sleep. It’s mind-blowing.


My favorite wellness hack for when people don’t have a lot of time is taking your supplements. It makes a huge difference and how I know that is that I live it. When my doctor diagnosed me with endometriosis, I was told I’d have to change my lifestyle. So I changed my diet, I started working out. I started taking supplements and doing meditation. I think anyone can slide supplements into their busy lives. I put all my supplements in a weekly vitamin container with slots for every day of the week then keep it by my bed with a glass of water. It takes two seconds.


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