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The Best Self-Care Practice For Your Astrological Sign

“Self-care” is a vague enough phrase that it can be interpreted in any number of ways. To some people, a hot bubble bath after a long day at work is self-care at its peak. To others, that sounds like a claustrophobic nightmare scenario.

The important thing to remember about self care is that word SELF. Whatever expression it may take, finding the best way to nourish your body, soul, and mind should always come back to what works for YOU and your needs. Since astrology recognizes different traits and needs that exist in all of us, it’s a great tool to use to determine the best self-care method for you. Astrology’s much more than just your sun sign, so you may want to read your moon sign’s description too, since the moon placement covers your inner life and what makes you feel comforted.

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac cycle and a fire sign, so they tend to be bursting with energy. Aries needs to let off steam and burn off their energy reserves through physical movement. If you’re an Aries, you’ve probably already figured out what kind of sweat-inducing fitness routine is your favorite form of rejuvenation, but it’s always worthwhile to keep things fresh! Try a new kind of workout that will still make you sweat but incorporate more flow elements into your life, like pilates, Zumba, yoga, or water aerobics. 
Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of luxury, love, and pleasure. You’re one of the most sensual signs in the zodiac and are very attuned to its environment. Candles, flowers, soft sheets...these are all BASIC amenities in a Taurus’s household. And even though Taurus is associated with the image of the bull, we mustn’t think about this sign as the raging, red-flag-chasing animal, but rather the sitting, grazing, slow-moving, steady bull. Tauruses love to relax and know how to treat themselves to it, so your self-care must-do is allowing yourself the couch potato moment you deserve. You’ve worked hard! Put your feet up and chill, and don’t feel guilty about it! If and when you’re feeling moved to leave the couch (and that’s a STRONG “if”), you can head over to the bathtub and soak with some candles, bath salts, and that playlist you love.

Geminis are a mystery to a lot of people. You’re hard to pin down, but that’s because you’re moving and thinking at a speed that the average person can’t keep up with. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, and so people with Gemini placements are constantly processing and expressing information. It’s not surprising that so many famous and prolific musicians are Geminis - Prince, Kendrick, and Kanye are a few examples - they are constantly feeling the urge and the necessity to create. So, Gemini, if you’re trying to practice self-care, you can get creative and move through your inner emotions by expressing yourself through writing (a journal, short story, poem, music), choreographing a dance, or making a piece of art. Gemini suffer when they feel bored of any one thing, so you may want to search for inspiration in books or by immersing yourself in a deep Wikipedia black hole.

Cancers are often associated with the divine feminine and the moon. They’re the zodiac’s maternal figure, the nurturer. The sign Cancer also rules the home and family in astrology. And what feels like home more than anything else? Food. For Cancers, feeding people is an act of self-care. You don’t do it every single day, but when you do, it’s a special, soulful, nourishing treat that your loved ones appreciate. The process of cooking, of measuring out ingredients, using recipes you love, and working in the kitchen in preparation...that’s a meditative state for you too. So, crab friends, find a new recipe that sounds delicious and fun to cook (perhaps from fellow Cancer Tia Mowry’s cookbook?) and get cooking!

With their beautiful lion manes, Leos always love a little pampering. Leos are ruled by the sun, so feeling like the shining light at the center of the universe is what keeps you grounded. Get a little dolled up. Do something different with your hair. Give it a deep condition or try out a new style. Paint your nails with a color that transports you and brings you joy whenever you look at them. Put on a face mask and relax, letting your skin feel hydrated and moisturized. A mini-makeover beauty refresh day will remind yourself just how magical of a being you are, inside and out. 

Virgos sometimes get a bad reputation for being nitpicky and overly critical, but the truth is that their intentions are often just misunderstood. They certainly have their specific ways of going about things, but Virgos are methodical and habitual in order to serve others and help. Virgos are the sign of routine and habits, and are also astute information gatherers and organizers. If you're a Virgo, you are soothed in your comfort zones and when you're operating in an organized, clear way. Routines are sacred to you. You have a specific ritual around your first waking moments every day or certain weekly activities that you try never to miss. If you’re a Virgo in need of a self-care moment, ask yourself whether you’re aligned with your daily or weekly routines. Reorient yourself. Find something to organize like your desktop or your closet. Get your life back in order and relaxation will follow.
Libras, represented by the scales, feel drained when life doesn’t feel balanced, so your best self-care practices revolve around finding equilibrium where you need it most. Exercises like yoga or pilates are centered on breath and balanced, flowy movements. Finding your balance could also mean taking 30 minutes and going somewhere to watch the sunset. While the most common representation is the scale, Libras are actually also the zodiac’s sunset. The little Libra emoji symbol you’ve probably used a million times is said to represent the sun setting over the horizon: the perfect harmony of day and night. 
Scorpio is a water sign, but is sometimes referred to as “the fire inside.” You are passionate and intense — some might even say “obsessive — and you’re extremely private. For you, life can be a game of how much you’re revealing to whom and how much you are concealing. Not many people know the full you, but those who do have earned your deepest trust. Scorpios, like their namesake scorpions, will sting you if you hurt them, but getting to that point takes a lot of provocation. Scorpios can actually be quite avoidant, but they’ll stew forever if they feel wronged or hurt. So for your self-care, Scorpio, be sure you’re finding a healthy release for your bottled up emotions. Scream into your pillow. Make an emo playlist that will always make you cry. Let it out!

Even though 2020 was a dumpster fire regardless of your astrological sign, travel-loving Sagittarians felt it acutely. You are used to living a go-go-go lifestyle, always with somewhere to be or new places to visit, but this year was an exercise in patience and stillness. Even so, a fresh perspective is what gets Sagittarius feeling re-inspired when things feel dull. Even if you can’t hop on a plane, try a closer getaway. Taking a walk around your neighborhood, you may notice the architecture around you and how the buildings are built or see stores you’ve never been in before. Go on a drive and take in the scenery. Bottom line: seek out an adventure.

Sagittarius is a sign that needs a lot of freedom; they are wild horses who must roam free. And if you don’t feel safe or inspired to explore somewhere near you, start researching places you would like to go or cultures you would like to see. Journal and moodboard about it. Let your mind roam free.
Capricorns are often described as workaholics. You tend to have a work ethic and a goal-oriented mindset so that tackling the day-to-day grind is all part of a larger plan you have for yourself and your dreams. Earth sign Capricorns are so driven and thrive so much in structured systems, that self-care for you should still have parameters. As much as you love your work, you also love your home. After all, that’s what all that hard work is for! So for your self-care, try channeling some of your driven energy and strategic thinking into home projects like gardening. Start an herb garden and find time every day to water it. Track the growth over time and relish in your progress.

Aquarius, no one’s quite like you. It’s probably not wise to try and assign a specific self-care tactic for this whole group when Aquarius is the most independent and individualistic group there is, but we’re going to try anyway. Of all the signs, Aquarius is perhaps the most future-oriented. You have an innate sense of what the collective wants, and you’re extremely passionate about that vision. You can come off a little spacey, but that’s because you’re operating from such a big-picture perspective. Represented by the water-bearer, Aquariuses are portrayed in astrology as being in the sky: they’re pouring down water and providing humanity with the sustenance we needs to survive. So, Aquarius, your self-care should consist of coming down to Earth and grounding yourself. Spend some time away from your phone and away from technology. Disconnecting from the Internet and reconnecting with your senses and with human connectedness will inspire you. 

Pisces is the final sign in the astrological calendar and therefore metaphorically carries the weight of all the signs that come before it. With such a deep sensitivity to the experiences of others, Pisces are some of the most empathic, deepest feelers of astrology. But if you’re a Pisces, this intensity can be extremely draining. You’re constantly absorbing vibes and emotions. Pisces are quite selfless, and the cost of that is that you can feel energetically, physically, spiritually, and emotionally depleted if you don’t protect your energy and your compassion. So, Pisces, do something for YOU, and only for you. A massage is purely for your own pleasure, and the physical and emotional release that comes with having a moment of quiet with yourself will rejuvenate you. If you're not comfortable getting a massage right now, try a "self-massage" by using a Gua Sha or a jade roller.

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