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My Bedtime Routine: Tia Mowry

For many people, morning and evening routines are staples of self-care. Mom of two Tia Mowry spoke to SELF recently about her family's evening routine and how she schedules it in with her busy schedule. Read a clip below or view the full article here.

Mowry lives with her husband, Cory Hardrict, and their children, Cree, 9, and Cairo, 2, in Los Angeles. “Scheduling is really important in my household,” she tells SELF. “If the kids are not on a schedule, I feel like it's hard to navigate. But with that said, of course I'm not militant. Of course there are days where you're not perfectly on schedule. So I do forgive myself if I'm not.” Bedtime in Mowry’s household is full of sweet bonding rituals with Cree and Cairo, along with lots of luxurious small-business skin care. “One thing about me is I am all about the experience,” she says. 

My daughter goes to bed every night around 7:30, and this is one of my favorite times of the day when it comes to my kids.
I absolutely love putting them to bed. For some reason, ever since Cree was born, it feels like I'm putting a bow on a present at the end of the day. Kind of like, everyone's safe, everyone had a good day, they're home, and we had a good day. So I look forward to nighttime with my kids.

With my daughter, we give her a bath. We have this little playtime thing with her where we'll tire her out. So for 15 minutes, we're just singing “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes,” or trying to do something physical.

Once she's down, it's the best. I literally do the "Whew!" And then Cree, my son, goes down at 8.
The coolest thing about Cree and I is we have this ritual where right before we go to bed, we drink some tea together. He's nine, and it's crazy, because he's the one that initiated it. He says, “Mommy, do you want some tea?” And I'm like, “Yeah, baby!” Cree drinks a different kind of tea than I do, but the tea that I drink is called Magic Hour tea. I was introduced to it by one of my friends. They call it ceremonial tea. You have to look at the packaging—it is just so incredible. It's about the experience.

So we have our little moments together, and we drink our tea, and then what I do for him—and even with Cairo—I'm really big on oil diffusers. Cairo has this unicorn diffuser, and I put a sleepy-time oil in, and it'll help her go to sleep. And the same thing with my son. He has this diffuser where you can put it on any color. I'll ask him what color he wants on today—red, or blue, or yellow—and then I'll put some oils in there.

Now it's time for my routine. And again, the reason why I feel like having a schedule is so important is because this is how I can get to my routine, you know?
I'm a huge advocate for self-care, especially when you're a working mom. Self-care is not selfish when you are deciding to take care of yourself. So this is the time when I just really focus on myself. I like to take baths at night. It's just a way that I can wind down nicely. The bubble bath and bath salt that I use is L'Occitane en Provence. I absolutely love their products, and I use the Foaming Bubble Bath, which has lavender in it, and then I use the Relaxing Bath Salts. So again, my routine is all about relaxation, just getting to wind down.

Then I give myself a nice wash, and I'm a huge fan of Honeypot. I'm all about supporting small businesses, and especially African American–owned businesses. Then I like to burn some oils and some scents. One thing about me is I am all about the experience. And it's the same thing in my dressing room. Because I work hard, and I work a lot, I've learned that I really have to make sure that whatever I'm doing is an experience and is enjoyable. So I burn some lavender oil, and then I like to put on lotion.

Before I start getting to my face routine, I like to take my Restful Sleep supplement from my own supplement line, Anser.

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