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Letter From Tia: Vision Boarding and Taking Anser to Target

Dear Anser Community,

Whenever I reach a new milestone in my life, I think back on all the moments and tests that got me to where I am. What can I say…I’m sentimental like that.

Often, these milestones start as just little kernel of a dream pasted onto a piece of poster board. I make vision boards every year with my family, and over the years, I’ve vision boarded so many things that have become reality: career opportunities, family, travel, even Anser itself started on one! The more I vision board, the bigger I dream.

And dreaming big is worth it.

We hit a big milestone this month with Anser: we are now available at Target in stores and on their site and app!

This is a BIG DEAL to me. First, because I’m obsessed with Target and have always wanted my own brand that people can buy there. It's been on my vision board since 2008! Really, what better place for Anser to align with than the go-to spot for your self-care needs.

Not only will you now be able to refill your vitamins while you’re out shopping for other things, but Anser and our message of Self-Care Isn’t Selfish will now be accessible to SO MANY more people.

I’m also proud to have Anser represented at Target alongside some incredible Black-owned brands and to be partnering with a store that values and puts so much support behind us.

Tia Mowry on Launching at Target

So take this as a sign that vision boarding and manifesting works! To help me celebrate this big moment, I want you to take whatever big dreams you have for yourself—those shoot-for-the-moon aspirations—and put them into the universe. Cut some pictures and words out of magazines and make a collage-style vision board, write on a sticky note and place it near your desk or bathroom mirror, or create a new Pinterest board and start manifesting those dreams into existence.

"The more I vision board, the bigger I dream."

This is a huge step for me as an entrepreneur and has taken A LOT of hard work, but I haven’t felt burnt out leading up to this launch. That’s because I knew I couldn’t show up for my business or for all of you unless I was also showing up for myself. On top of hard work, I credit staying healthy and taking my Anser vitamins, prioritizing family time, establishing relaxing sleep rituals, and eating well for getting us here.

I hope you’re as excited as me for this next chapter! Find Anser at a Target store near you and don’t forget to tag @shopanser in your next Target haul!



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