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Easy Exercises To Break Up Your Work And Home School Day

At a time when our bed has become “home” and the couch is the new “office” it doesn’t leave much room or motivation for us to get up and get active. Working remotely definitely has its perks (being 5 steps away from the pantry at all times) but no matter how comfortable it is to work from our couch all day, not getting those steps in can take a toll on our bodies.

We’re here to get you back on your feet with a few simple exercises you can do to fit some movement into your day.

1. Stretch

A GOOD stretch in the morning can really set up your whole day, so why not keep it going? Building simple movements into your daily routine like stretching or yoga is the perfect way to give your mind a refresh and loosen up any stiffness. Try setting alarms throughout the day to take a mini break to get things moving.

”The key to ‘bouncing back’ is simple: stay motivated and work at your own pace!! Oh, and squats. Lots of squats.” —Tia Mowry, Anser Co-Founder


2. Strength Training

You don’t always need expensive gym equipment to work up a sweat. Wrap up your workday with a few reps of easy workouts to get you energized. Strength training exercises like squats, crunches, push-ups (yes girl push-ups count) and lunges can be a simple way to get the job done.


Challenge: Try 3-5 sets of 8-10 squat reps to start feeling the burn


3. Walking

We know back-to-school looked a lot different for parents this year. On top of balancing working from home, you also added lunch monitor and teacher to your resume. As the new P.E. coach, taking a short walk is an easy exercise for you and your little one. You can both take a break from the computer screen, get outside, get some sun, spend some extra quality time together, and stay active in-between work calls and virtual learning sessions.

4. Dance Party!

It’s time to let loose! Shake the day away with your favorite artists or playlist (we like to pretend we’re Beyonce’s backup dancers). A mini dance party can double as a stress reliever by just taking your mind off the day to day grind and workout by getting your body moving. You can do it solo or invite the kids to join in.

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