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December Journal Reflections

Well, here we are in home stretch of 2020, almost finished with this transformative and unprecedented year. Those two words have come up a lot in the last nine months, and as the year closes out, how are you looking back on 2020? How have you, as an individual, transformed and had an unprecedented year as the world at large has changed forever?

There’s a lot of pressure on 2021 to not be 2020. But the truth is, we don’t know what the future holds. We only know ourselves and how we choose to operate with the hand we are dealt.

Looking forward and looking back during this final wrap-up month of our chaotic 2020, how have you changed? What in your life looks different today? Some changes were forced upon you and others were made by choice — which ones will hold? Are you happier in 2020 than you were in 2019? Are you measuring happiness differently now?

It’s a natural time for reflection, so here are a few journal prompts to help you digest the year behind you and the new one ahead.

Our journal prompts this month come from energy healer and founder of Wellness Official Millana Snow, who leads a course on daily self-care rituals including meditations and energy journaling.

Reflection prompt #1:
What tone do I want to set this month to close out 2020?
What tone do I want to set next month to open up 2021?

Reflection prompt #2:
How can I make time in my day for joy?
Where do I need to hold myself accountable for treating joy as unimportant?

Reflection prompt #3:
Where am I seeing transformation in my life?

Reflection prompt #4:
What has been revealing itself to me recently that I am ready to release?

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