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ASK & ANSER with Belinda Prudent

The "Ask & Anser" series is our way of amplifying and highlighting the amazing women in the Anser community who embody the spirit of "Self-care isn't selfish." Stay tuned for more articles in this series and DM us on Instagram if you want be featured!

Belinda Prudent is a lifestyle and beauty blogger using her platform to share accessible wellness tips while promoting self-care for all. We sat down with Belinda to find out how she's incorporating small, daily practices into her daily life. We spoke with Belinda about her relationship with self-care and how it's changed over the years.

Anser: What was your relationship to your health and to self-care when you were growing up?
Belinda Prudent: When growing up I led an active lifestyle. I participated in after school programs like dance that encouraged me to take care of my body.  I also engaged in various fitness activities such as running.  My parents always evoked in me a strong sense of self-love while growing up and they always encouraged me to take care of myself, which meant my health always came first. 

Anser: Did you have a moment when you realized that you had to take your health into your own hands? 
8 years ago I was working at a preschool and one day I felt very light-headed and on the verge of passing out at work.  My diabetic co-worker decided to check my blood sugar and it was very high. Therefore, the following day I scheduled a doctor’s appointment. The doctor made the frightening statement that he was not sure that I would live to see the age of 21.  Although I was only 19 years old, I was diagnosed as being pre-diabetic and obese. Thus, I made it my mission to take control of my health. I started regularly taking Zumba classes and I hired a personal trainer to push and help me reach my fitness goals.

Anser: What does “self-care” mean to you?
BP: Self-care means investing into my myself; pouring into my own cup before I pour into the cup of others. I believe that when I take care of myself, I can then provide the best version of me to my family, friends, and followers. Conversely when I neglect myself, I am the worst version of me because my energy is focused on negative feelings instead of investing in myself and positivity.

Anser: How have you incorporated self-care into your life? How has it changed you?
BP: Honestly when quarantine started, I lacked a strong self-care regime.  As time passed, I realized that I must find miniature joys within each day which includes taking care of myself. I incorporated a gratitude journal, eating healthier, sticking to a weekly exercise program, and engaging in a daily morning and evening skincare routine.  As I continue to develop myself, my self-care journey has transformed me into a better person.  I constantly remind myself that I cannot bloom mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually if I neglect the little things. For instance, some may consider caring for your skin as trivial but personally my skin care regime is an essential part of my self-care journey.

Anser: You convey such a positive attitude on your Instagram, how do you maintain that?
BP: By always living my life with good intentions, remembering that I have a kind heart and maintaining a grateful heart towards God. Most of all, I always remember this quote: “Find the joys within each day”. My goal is to always find a small or large joy within each day. I keep in mind that it’s my internal joy that leads to positivity and no one can remove that from me.

Anser: You get a lot of love on the gram for your radiant skin, and it really is quite mesmerizing! What’s your secret?
BP: I drink anywhere from 120 to 130 ounces of water per day. I encourage everyone to research the benefits of water on your skin — they're endless. The benefits are Hydrating your skin from the inside will show on the outside. In addition, I passionately engage in a daily and consistent morning and evening skincare routine. 

Anser: You’re very public about your weight loss journey, what have been the most important steps you’ve taken or changes you’ve made that have helped you along the way? What lessons have you learned while sharing your change so publicly? 

BP: I am a firm believer in transparency and bringing my followers with me on this self-care journey, so they can see my transformation from a caterpillar into a butterfly! 🦋 Success does not happen overnight, I have learned that whether it is a fitness or self-care journey, the key to success is taking the first step. 

I have made many changes such as eating smaller portions and not snacking throughout the day. I now eat three healthy meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The best lesson I have learned is to accept that I am imperfect, rehabilitating perfectionist. It is okay to eat a salad but still want Chick-Fil-A fries because I am human, and life is all about balance.

Anser: If you were to suggest one self-care practice to the Anser community, what would it be?
BP: I highly recommend having a daily morning and evening skincare routine.  This contributes to being the best version of yourself.  It’ll be a small but valuable investment that adds joy to your day!

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