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Astrology Gifting Guide

Are you procrastinating on gift buying because the pressure of finding a perfectly suited gift for your loved ones is too much pressure?

Let the stars be your guide this season for finding your holiday treats!


ARIES - Bala Bangles
Bala bangles are weighted workout bracelets that add style and resistance to everything from your day to day walks and chores to your yoga or pilates workouts. Energetic Aries loves a challenge and these fashionable weights will take any workout to the next level or will turn any daily activity into a workout.

TAURUS - Tuit Candle
Taurus is the most sensual sign of the zodiac, and anything that can activate a sensory experience is a win in Taurus’s book. Decadent candles, soft fabrics, earthy, luxurious stones are Taurus must-haves, so this holiday season, give your Taurus fam permission to relax with a Tuit Candle. Tuit is a small, Black-owned business from Los Angeles that makes eco-friendly coconut wax candles. Their signature candle collection offers scent pairings based on vibe, and for Tauruses we recommend Tranquil lavender candle to complement their laid back energy.

GEMINI - Teaspressa Tasting Kit
Gemini love variety and trying new things. This year, gift your Gemini something that will keep them interested and offer a new perspective every time they come back to it, like Teaspressa’s Starter Kit. Teaspressa revolutionized the tea game by creating luxe tea blends with sugar cube pairings that make tea taste like coffee. Drop in one of their naturally flavored sugar cubes into your tea and instantly flavor your drink. Gemini will love absolutely love the fun take on tea time.

Cozy Cancers love to nest and during wintertime, making their home oasis even more comfortable is the best gift you can give them. Confetti Lamb Fur Slipper slides are the perfect combination of style and comfort, and will make all of the putzing around the house feel glamorous.

LEO - Sunglasses
Leos have a flair for the dramatic, so gift them something that will make them feel like the world is their personal catwalk. Grab the lioness in your life a pair of sunnies from Lizzo’s collaboration with Quay so she can serve up dramatic looks wherever she goes. Every cat needs a pair of cat eyes, right?

Introspective Virgos are low-key some of the zodiac’s funniest and wittiest people. They are ruled by the planet of communication Mercury and tend to be natural readers and writers. The Virgo in your life will get a kick out of outrageously named and just as outrageously fun novel My Sister The Serial Killer. The novel is the debut work of Nigerian author Oyinkan Braithwaite, and is a darkly hilarious story of two sisters in Lagos, one of whom has a habit of murdering her boyfriends and dragging her sister in to clean up the mess. It’s a fast, delicious read and Virgos will love the intense, dark humor of it all.

LIBRA - Art Print
Libras generally have impeccable interior design taste, since finding “balance” for them often comes from having a clean, visually pleasing space. Gift your Libra a simple and gorgeous art print with a gorgeous earth-tone palette from Florida-based Etsy artist MKoby.

Scorpios are naturally intuitive and interested in mystical things like tarot, spirit, and the occult. Tap into your Scorpio’s witchy side with a deck of the Sacred Self-Care Oracle deck. This illustrated tarot card encourages you to connect with your intuition on a deeper level and nourish your soul with self-care rituals.

Fiery Sagittarians need a gift that reminds them (and everyone else) how unique and worldly they are. A bold pair of statement earrings from Swanky Designs will do exactly that. Swanky was founded in 2019 by mom of three Malisa, who hand makes all of her pieces, which are truly more wearable art than simply earrings. Your Sagittarius will wear these for a longgg time and will thank you for them every time.

Holiday shopping for Capricorns takes on extra weight because Christmas/New Years is their birthday season! Capricorns are known for always having a plan, but give them the extra motivational push with a classy wall hang from Rayo & Honey. A simple phrase like “The World Is Yours” on an elegant and sophisticated canvas is just what your Cap needs to show off their good taste as well as remind them of all their potential.

AQUARIUS - Make a Donation
Sometimes the best gift you can give is the gift of showing someone that you see them for who they are and what they value. Aquarians are passionate and motivated to leave their mark on the world. Chances are, the Aquarius in your life has a cause they care deeply about, so this year, make a donation to a cause or organization that matters to them.

Spiritual, empathic Pisces is always looking for ways to deepen their connection with other people and with the spirit of humanity. We’re Not Really Strangers is a “purpose driven” card game filled with prompts that encourage you to deepen your relationships and create meaningful new ones. The brand also offers a self-reflection kit and solo version of the game that Pisces will lose it over.

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