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6 Spring and Summer Braid Trends We're All About

By Aisha Beau Johnson

Braids never technically went out of style, but given the resurgence of them over the past year you’d think they did. Maybe it’s the quarantine and the need for ease and simplicity, but lately, braided looks have been more popular than ever. 

Now that summer’s on the horizon, more folks are getting vaccinated, and the world is (slowly) beginning to open up, we’re back to planning trips. And what better way to make a statement on your much needed getaway then with a chic protective style?

To help you stand out, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular braid techniques for you to give a try over the next few months: 

Large Knotless Braids

Knotless braids made a big splash last year because of not only the drama they bring, but the fact that unlike traditional box braids, they feed directly into your hair so they don’t cause any tenderness.

Faux Loc Lob

Faux locs aren’t technically braids, but we still love them. They’ve always been pretty popular, but a Lob (long bob) look can instantly up the ante on their cool factor. 

Stitch Braids With A Low Bun

Stitch braids don’t take as long as their counterparts and are much more light weight. These days, tying the ends into a bun has become a staple. 

Beaded Braids With A Bang

Now, if you really want to make a statement this braided look is for you. Beads at the end of braids add movement and playfulness on their own, and incorporating bangs is just the icing on the cake. 

Butterfly/Passion Braids

This braid style gives a softer more ethereal look than the others. Butterfly Braids are essentially made of two different braids blending together to make one. 

Corn Row and Box Braid Combo

Can’t decide on whether you want feed-in braids or something swangin’, then why not do both. This look is versatile and gives a nod to some 90’s braid trends. 


Aisha Beau Johnson is a digital content creator, speaker, and founder of AishaBeau.com, a digital destination highlighting all things self-care for women of color. She specializes in writing about beauty, lifestyle, and wellness topics, highlighting the importance of internal and external well-being. Her podcast Re-Written is all about self-love.

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