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6 Feel-Good Podcasts for Black Women

By Aisha Beau Johnson

As the summer comes to a close and we prepare for the change in season, it’s common to experience a desire to be more introspective. It may be time to kick that self-care routine back into high gear and recenter, given all that’s still going on in the world.

Motivation can sometimes be hard to come by, which is why we’re always looking for unique ways to inspire ourselves daily. And in recent years, podcasts, specifically in the mental health space have been making a huge impact on the way we treat ourselves and move through the world around us.

So, we rounded up our favorite feel-good, Black girl-centric podcasts that you need to add to your queue. Whether it’s during your next wash day or while commuting to work each of these are sure to encourage, motivate, and hold space for your journey.

hey, girl.

Through intimate conversations with close friends, family members, and strangers she admires, author and poet Alex Elle has cultivated a sisterhood with The Hey, Girl Podcast. One that unites women from all walks of life using their stories to uplift and inspire.

Side Hustle Pro

If you’re on the fence about what your next career move should be, Side Hustle Pro podcast for you. In each episode, host Nicaila Matthews Okome spotlights Black women entrepreneurs who’ve taken their side hustles to profitable full-time businesses from the ground up.

The Homecoming Podcast with Dr. Thema

Dr. Thema Bryant is a licensed clinical psychologist who uses her expertise to shine a light on mental health in The Homecoming Podcast. Better yet, her approach is rooted in helping her listeners take that journey back to their authentic selves.

The Uncomfortable Podcast with Dom Roberts

What does it mean to be Black in America? Each episode, creative activist Dom Roberts tackles the uncomfortable topics we often shy away from through a lighthearted yet educational lens in The Uncomfortable Podcast.

Balanced Black Girl

Inspired by her career in fitness as a personal trainer, Les, the creator of Balanced Black Girl, seeks to promote a safe space for millennial Black women to live their healthiest lives. Her podcast features professionals dedicated to enhancing your voyage of personal development.

Black Girl In Om

From guided meditations to words of affirmation, and transparent conversations, Black Girl In Om has something for all of us. Founder Lauren Ash’s mission is to support Black women’s transformation to wholeness, one episode at a time.


Aisha Beau Johnson is a digital content creator, speaker, and founder of AishaBeau.com, a digital destination highlighting all things self-care for women of color. She specializes in writing about beauty, lifestyle, and wellness topics, highlighting the importance of internal and external well-being. Her podcast Re-Written is all about self-love.