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5 Womxn on Instagram Making History In The Self-Care Space

by Aisha Beau Johnson

With contributions that span gender and community lines, women have quite literally made this world a better place and deserve celebration year round. As we continue to celebrate those who’ve paved the way, this Women’s History Month we also recognize individuals enhancing society in real time.

There are a number of influencers who’ve managed to use the power of social media for good and who use their platforms to promote self-care and mental wellbeing. Here are the womxn leading that charge online:

1. Nedra Tawwab

Licensed therapist and relationship expert, Nedra Tawwab, uses her platform to share practices, tools, and reflections that help enhance one’s mental health journey. She highlights the importance of setting boundaries, and practical tips on incorporating them into our daily lives.

2. Alexandra Elle

Chances are you’ve seen one of her quotes, often written on a clear sticky note or torn piece of paper, grace your feed. Alex Elle is one of the pioneers of self-love social media and has over the years provided millions with words of affirmation, insight, and discovery. Listen to her “Hey Girl” podcast as you embark on your passage to healing.

3. Ev’Yan Whitney

Ev’Yan Whitney uses their work and platform as a sexuality doula to aid womxn and femmes in shedding sexual shame, and unlocking liberation. Their means of sex education is grounded in unlearning the standards set by a patriarchal system to put a new face to sensuality and what it entails.

4. Lalah Delia

We all deserve to live at our highest vibrational frequency, according to author and wellness educator, Lalah Delia. Her platforms speak to individuals looking to move beyond their current state and reclaim their power. With quotes on rising above, and a bestselling guide on how to do so, Lalah has transformed many lives.

5. Sopha Rush

Lifestyle content creator Sopha Rush shares an inside look at marriage, motherhood, and mindset established in faith. Her blog and online community Live Deeply Rooted, has been popularized by its corresponding Instagram page that shares a prayer each day.


Aisha Beau Johnson is a digital content creator, speaker, and founder of AishaBeau.com, a digital destination highlighting all things self-care for women of color. She specializes in writing about beauty, lifestyle, and wellness topics, highlighting the importance of internal and external well-being. Her podcast Re-Written is all about self-love.

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