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4C Haircare Tips from Beauty Blogger Chinwe Juliet

Chinwe Juliet aka igbocurls is a top beauty blogger in Africa. She is a content creator on Instagram and YouTube who makes videos specifically on tips and styles for 4C natural hair. We asked Chinwe Juliet about some of her hair care routines and her 4C hair experience. 

Anser: On your Instagram and YouTube, you share so many amazing natural or homemade hair tips. What are some of your favorite ingredients or “recipes” you’ve discovered that have made a difference or positively impacted your hair?

Chinwe Juliet: Aloe Vera! Aloe Vera has been one of the best discoveries for my natural hair. The latest recipe that’s currently my favorite is a mix of fresh aloe Vera, pure honey and extra virgin olive oil to be used as a deep conditioner. It’s hard to go back to using regular conditioners after you’ve tried this!


Anser: How do you maintain your curls or your styles over multiple days?

Chinwe Juliet: It’s easy, if I’m wearing my hair out, I make sure to retwist and remosturise once I return home. On the other hand, if I’m wearing my natural hair in a style, I maintain it with a daily spray.

Anser: What does wash day look like for you? What is your routine?

Chinwe Juliet: Wash day always starts off with pre poo. I hardly ever shampoo without doing a pre poo treatment first. So in this order, pre-poo, shampoo, deep condition, do the apple cider vinegar rinse, then style using the Leave in cream and oil method.

Anser:  What are your favorite tips for keeping your 4C hair hydrated and moisturized?

Chinwe Juliet: Use a daily spray! That’s the secret. Not only will this moisturize your natural hair but you’ll also be able to keep your hands out of your hair.  

Anser: What recommendations do you have for growing 4C hair?

Chinwe Juliet: I would say, handle your natural hair with care. Always detangle with a product that helps soften your hair and have a consistent moisturizing routine.

Anser: In one of your most-watched YouTube videos, you documented your hair transformation from damaged, relaxed hair to natural hair over the course of a decade. What were the steps of that transformation? How did you stay motivated during that time?

Chinwe Juliet: It wasn’t easy and it was a complete mindset shift. I had to educate myself and continuously encourage myself with pictures I could find of Naturals with Longer natural hair at the time.

This is key to not give up.

Anser: In 2012, amidst your transition to curly hair, you big chopped your relaxed hair. How did that feel going in versus coming out of the cut?

Chinwe Juliet: I remember the first day I stepped out after my big chop like yesterday. I felt extremely self conscious but I was also happy to be rid of my damaged ends. It felt liberating to see just my curls and finally let my own naturally Curly hair be.

Anser: In that same video, you talk about how it took you a while to get used to your natural hair. Were you surprised? What helped you embrace your natural curls?

Chinwe Juliet: I never knew I had naturally curly hair. It was such a surprise to me. I kept showing my housemates at the time as I was so happy so I instantly embraced it. I kept thinking so I had naturally Curly beautiful 4c hair all this time and I didn’t even know!

Anser: Where can people find you and follow your journey?

Chinwe Juliet: You can find me on my website, YouTube, and Instagram.

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