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4 Ways To Get Your New Year's Goals Back On Track

By Aisha Beau Johnson

One of the most exciting parts of celebrating New Years is the prospect of ushering in a new beginning. Once the year kicks off, you’re feeling optimistic, driven, and motivated to make good on those promises you had for yourself

Then, as the holiday cheer subsides and we get back to our regular flow, that motivation can dwindle. You might even be at the point now in which you’ve lost sight of your goals completely and feeling pretty guilty about it. But guess what? You’re not alone.

According to U.S. World News and Report, 80% of New Year’s Goals fall by the wayside by mid-February. However, not all hope is lost. You can get back track and reignite that fire to keep going. Here’s how:

1. Find an accountability partner.

Sometimes, we just need a nudge from a trusted friend or family member to help get that momentum going. Tap into your tribe and find someone with like-minded goals who may be interested in taking this journey with you. Humans crave connection. So having someone who can relate and hold you accountable may be just what you need.

2. Aim lower.

The biggest goal-killer? Setting them too high. It sounds nice to tell yourself that starting January 1st you’ll work out 5 times a week, sign up for 3 new e-courses, and cut out all junk food, but it isn’t realistic. Take baby steps towards the bigger picture. Small accomplishments help you keep momentum. Scale your goal back to working (out or whatever your goal may be) once or twice a week. As you begin to develop a flow, you can build from there.

3. Modify your goal.

Perhaps the goal you originally set out to achieve isn’t necessarily the one you should be focusing on. Sometimes we lose steam because we’re not compelled by the thing we’re after, and that’s okay. You may have thought you need to start a business, but in actuality, you just need to pick up a new hobby that you’ll look forward to each day. Take a beat, and spend a quiet moment getting real with yourself about what it is you truly desire, and pivot.

4. Prioritize your goals.

Sis, the reason you may have lost motivation could be because you have too many goals! You might be out here trying to write a business plan, workout 7 days a week, and re-decorate your home. It’s impossible to tackle everything at once, so get clear on what’s most important. Prioritize one or two goals that you can realistically see yourself accomplishing now, and put your all into them.

Staying motivated is all about giving yourself grace along the way and taking small steps to make lasting change. Falling off of your goals can be disheartening, but picking yourself back up— that’s what’s most important.


Aisha Beau Johnson is a digital content creator, speaker, and founder of AishaBeau.com, a digital destination highlighting all things self-care for women of color. She specializes in writing about beauty, lifestyle, and wellness topics, highlighting the importance of internal and external well-being. Her podcast Re-Written is all about self-love.

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